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Communicating a new concept for bike repairs

Verlinkt auf Projekt DB Radfix. 2 Personen schieben ihr Fahrrad auf Gehweg vor Bahnhof. Im Vordergrund eine Radfix-Station der Deutschen Bahn.

Deutsche Bahn AG

Have your bike repaired while you sit and relax on the train? That’s possible! Since 2022, there has been a Deutsche Bahn RadFix station [a bike repair service by the German Railways] at Berlin Südkreuz Station and Karlsruhe’s Central Station. Since March 2023, the repair service has also been offered in Freiburg and Hamburg-Bergedorf – a nationwide rollout is planned.
How does this exactly work? Commuters and people who live in the immediate vicinity of the stations can use the new service to have their bike repaired quickly and easily. All they have to do is book an appointment online in advance, drop off their bike in the morning and pick it up repaired or serviced eight hours later.
So far, however, this service is hardly known. For this reason, fresh ideas were needed – our speciality! We analysed the previous measures and developed a new communication concept. At the heart of this concept are 15 action profiles with matching formats, headlines and claims. The implementation of our measures is now in the hands of the Deutsche Bahn AG [German Railways] and is planned for the next few years.