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Making Cologne the cycling metropolis on the Rhine

Türkis-weißer Kreis

Stadt Köln

How do you get the people of Cologne to cycle more? This is a question that the city of Cologne has also asked itself, wanting to promote cycling in the metropolis on the Rhine. In order to make this vision a reality, the communication process “ZukunftsRAD” was developed with the goal of convincing Cologne’s city administration of these ideas. In a city administration there are many opinions and it is important to reach a consensus. Only then will the upcoming changes have a stable foundation. As is often the case, communication is key. That is why we held a workshop with the Innovationsgruppe Radverkehr [a Cycling Innovation Group] to talk about the project, goals, target groups and timings.
The preliminary conclusion: a large stakeholder conference with 120 participants in the historic city hall of Cologne. The participants included Mayor Henriette Reker, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, churches, the Sports University and all other important decision-makers in Cologne. We have thus laid the foundation for more cycling in Cologne.