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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals go Social Media

Bertelsmann Stiftung: Zentrum für nachhaltige Kommunen

How sustainable are municipalities and what can they do to implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? The Bertelsmann Stiftung: Zentrum für nachhaltige Kommunen [a foundation that aims to support local stakeholders in their active commitment to implementing the United Nations 2030 Agenda] shows you! The SDG Portal provides helpful indicators, tools and reports on the implementation of the 17 Goals in municipalities all over Germany – free of charge.
Before the relaunch of the portal in 2020, we worked with the Bertelsmann Stiftung to develop a target group-oriented strategy for online communication. Under our direction, a new Instagram channel dedicated to promoting the 17 Goals saw the light of day – and it has been growing ever since. To keep it that way, we advise the Bertelsmann Stiftung on the strategic direction of the channel and create targeted and meaningful content. Our goal is to increase the awareness of the SDG Portal so that municipalities can use it as a guide for implementing their own work, securing a more sustainable future.
Unsere Google-Ads-Kampagne hat den Traffic auf dem SDG-Portal signifikant erhöht. Gemeinsam arbeiten wir mit dem Zentrum für nachhaltige Kommunen an einer Multi-Channel-Strategie, die Web, Social Media und Newsletter umfasst.