Agency for sustainable

That is why we have
a large network

Together we are better. For this reason, we are always happy to work with our partners. We have a large network of supporters that we are continuously expanding.
Whether it’s research institutes, urban and transport planners, consultants, think tanks or scientists – if you need a strong team, we are there and we bring the right partners along with us. This way, we can offer you sound advice and deliver the best possible results.

Do Not Smile –
our international
agency network

We are part of Do Not Smile (DNS), a network of currently eleven agencies that have come together through their sustainable and ethical approach. With creativity and optimism, we want to create a good future – as like-minded people who cooperate across borders, who realise their responsibility as part of the Public Relations industry and pursue a common goal with their work.

Spread across Europe, we are well over 100 communication experts. We think, live and work in different cultures, speak different languages and think creation and transformation diversely. Do Not Smile has profound know-how in all sustainability fields, in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish and of course in German.

We can activate this “super agency” for you at any time – for example if you are active in several countries or are looking for benchmarks from Paris, Manchester or Istanbul.

tippingpoints coordinates the network of DNS agencies. We are where the threads come together. We organise constant exchange, share knowledge, develop new business fields and have a lot of fun in the process.