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Deko-Grafik: Website


For us, a website is more than code and design. Creative solutions for the World Wide Web are our speciality. We attach great importance to low barrier designs and search engine optimised solutions. We always keep your target group in mind – so that you are able to reach your goals. We take care of hosting, domain and the appropriate CMS. We take data protection very seriously and keep an eye on the GDPR. With a hard drive full of years of experience, we manage your project from the idea to the go-live and ensure that your website finds its way into the big wide world.

Social Media

More likes, more community, more reach! Together we find out which social media channels are relevant for your target group, which content is exciting and which formats are suitable for your needs. To do this, we analyse and put our heads together to develop an individual and tailor-made strategy. Our experienced team of graphic designers and copywriters brings the best ideas to life. And our social media managers make sure that the content finds its way onto the smartphones of your desired audience.

Branding & Design

Wondering what your project looks like as a design? We’ll show you! We’ll develop your individual corporate identity and branding – just the way you need it. And of course, we make sure that the new design looks great on all media – digital and analogue. We design and produce as barrier-free and environmentally friendly as possible and together we find the look that suits you and makes your message visible.

Türkis-weißer Kreis.

Editorial & texts

We can write. Whether online or offline, simple or complex, short or long. You have an idea? We put it into words. We formulate texts suitable for every medium, choose the best tone for your target group and shine with professional and content-related competence. Our editorial team not only has numerous communication tools in its repertoire, but also a wealth of know-how in the areas of mobility, energy, nutrition, fashion or biodiversity – always linked to sustainability, of course.

Storytelling & Images of the Future

We are convinced: Facts are important. But they alone are not enough to convince people – for that we need emotions. And so we bring them to life with good stories and images of the future that get all the senses moving. Through empathetic storytelling and creative visualisations, we reach your target group on a new level. For the stubborn „everything-should-stay-as-it-is“ people, we have “many strings to our bow”: positive visions of the future. How sweet could life in the congested street taste if the honking avalanches of cars gave way to small ice cream parlours, lively cafés, pretty shops and shady trees? We’ll show you.

360° Campaign

You have an important topic for which you would like to create more awareness or an exciting project on hand? Then the whole world should know about it! Together we can create an individual 360° Campaign with communication measures that are played out exactly where they have the greatest impact. Whether it is blow-ups, huge out-of-home posters, print media, digital ads, social media, image films or radio and cinema spots – with a well-thought-out multi-channel strategy and the right campaign, your product will reach your target group where it is most impactful.