Agency for sustainable

climate protection –
better do it.

Change the right thing
and you change everything.

[Kipppunkte] – these are decisive moments when developments take new paths. And that is our mission: we want to change the right things and in the process convince people to live more sustainably.

We believe in the power of good communication. With our clients, we work for a better world by passionately advocating for biodiversity, (social) sustainability, environmental and climate protection and the decarbonisation of mobility. We are passionate about sustainable transformation, new ways of thinking and helping sustainable innovations achieve a breakthrough.

Do you too?
Let’s create change together!


Whatever you’re up to: We make sure that the world knows about it. With communication that is tailored to you and your target group with an impact in exactly the right places. To achieve this, we always work with a solid strategy and are always there to advise you.
Good communication needs a good foundation. With a well thought-out strategy, we bring the wildest ideas into order and – together with you – set the course for the success of your project. With our ongoing advice, we give you orientation at all times and keep an eye out for possible optimisation.
We cannot solve all problems alone – but together we can achieve (almost) everything.
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We can do almost anything, but not everything. That is why we have a large network of reliable partners who are not only among the best in their field, but also share our values. They are there when they are needed – an entire network of experts to support you.